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About Us

About Us


The Philadelphia Fever Lacrosse Club was started in 2006 by Travis Loving, John Nostrant, and Mark Petrone, all coaches at The Haverford School. They started Fever in order to provide the ultimate summer lacrosse expereience for youth lacrosse players in the greater Philadelphia region. Over the past eight years Fever has undoubtedly become the leader in club lacrosse. They have done so by making each player's development their first priority and pairing that with superior coaching.  Fever is a well structured organization that develops your son from Pre-K to 8th grade, and gives them the tools to succeed once they reach high school.

Over the past eight years, the lacrosse world has drastically changed from casually playing for your spring township team to the anxious feeling that if your son is not playing for two or three club teams than maybe you arn't doing enough. Fever has made it their mission to put that preconcevied notion to rest. Logistically and financially playing for multiple club teams does not make sense, so in order to keep up with the ever changing lacrosse landscape Fever has turned into a year round lacrosse organization offering programs in the summer, fall, winter, and spring.