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About Us

About Us

Mesa Fresh Lacrosse was founded in 2007 by Bob Aitken with the intent to showcase high school lacrosse players that are highly skilled, but also of high character. Mesa prides itself in teaching how to play the game right – not just attending tournaments.  Players are selected based on game performance and contribution to their youth teams along with recommendations by area coaches. Since the inception of Mesa Fresh, its teams have won some of the strongest high school field tournaments.  The Philadelphia Fever was founded in 2006 by The Haverford School’s John Nostrant, Travis Loving, and Mark Petrone.  They started Fever in order to provide the ultimate summer lacrosse experience for youth lacrosse players in the greater Philadelphia region.  In 2013 the programs combined to become the Mesa Fresh Fever Lacrosse Club.  The program has become a structured organization that develops your son from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  The focus is on individual skill development along with strong team fundamentals and great sportsmanship.   We have Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer lacrosse opportunities for players making Mesa one of the only true year round clubs in the area.  You have to try out to be considered for a team, even if you have played for Mesa in the past.  We encourage you to be a part of the best club lacrosse system around.  At the end, you will be a better lacrosse player.  

MESA FALL SKILLS CLINIC is a "tune up" clinic on September 7th and 14th for all players at The Haverford School.  The goal is for players to improve their skills and prepare for our MESA club lacrosse team tryouts.

MESA TRYOUTS for our MESA lacrosse club will be September 21th and 28th at The Haverford School.  The date will depend on grade and graduation year.  

3rd grade team, current 3rd graders, class of 2024 - tryout on September 21st
4th grade team, current 4th graders, class of 2023 - tryout on September 28th
5th grade team, current 5th graders, class of 2022 - tryout on September 21st
6th grade team, current 6th graders, class of 2021 - tryout on September 28th
7th grade team, current 7th graders, class of 2020 - tryout on September 21st
8th grade team, current 8th graders, class of 2019 - tryout on September 28th

MESA Winter Skills Sessions will meet 8 times for 1.5 hours (12 hours total) of intense “Hybrid” skill work focusing on technique and repetitions.  The drills and skills taught are a combination of US field lacrosse and Canadian Box lacrosse styles.


MESA’s Summer lacrosse tournament teams are among the best in the state.  We deliver a positive lacrosse environment with great instruction for each player.  The focus is on individual skill development, team lacrosse and sportsmanship.  We will hold 10 practices (20 hours) and travel to three strong tournaments.

If you are chosen for one of our MESA teams you will have the choice to play on one of our fall tournament teams.  Again the focus is a positive environment with great instruction for each player.  We will hold

Our coaches are dedicated youth and high school coaches with extensive lacrosse backgrounds, experienced teachers of the game of lacrosse.  The focus is on improving, teaching and respecting the game. Each coach has been carefully chosen based on his passion for the game, teaching skills and ability to provide a positive and fun experience.